Do Your Teams Fulfill Their Potential?


Teams are the basic unit of work in any organization. What is possible if you could improve the performance of teams across your organization by only 10-20%?

Leaders and managers are expected to know how to achieve the best possible team results. And yet, we don’t invest in equipping them with the necessary skills foundational to effective teaming and high team performance.

Most off-the-shelf programs involve a quick team survey followed by a one-time team meeting to highlight how we can work better. This generic approach creates, at best, a short-lived feel good factor and then the team goes back to its day to day routine and the problems associated with it.

At West Haven Coaching, we believe each team is unique. We quickly help you understand what is required for each team to perform at its best and help you build the capability in each one.

Our Approach


We take an in-depth approach to understand each leader and their team. Gathering diverse perspective creates the best possible initial assessment of the current situation.

A team design is based on many factors. What are the desired outcomes? What type of team is appropriate? What style of leadership will be most effective? What are the critical skills, talents and personalities? What practices can the team adopt to accelerate progress? What are the key dysfunctional risks we need to mitigate?

Creating the ideal team design is a great start but in itself is insufficient. We don’t rest until you and your team are playing the new game, one that clears the way for success and helps each member of the team grow their capability to achieve the best possible team based results now and into the future.